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SoundHorse Glue On Shoes

$ 67.50

Series I

Lightweight, wide web, forged aluminum. Flat heels can be drilled and tapped for studs.

Contains: 1 pair shoes, 2 pair rubber gloves, 1 roll of CoFlex, 2 mix cups, 4 wooden blades, 1 mini-roll of stretch wrap, and detailed instructions.

Available sizes 00,0,0.5,1,1.5,2,3 Flat & Wedge

*No glue included in kit*

Series III Universal

The Series III™ (patent pending) universal “glue-on” cuff system is designed to allow the farrier use any shoe he has in the shop or the truck – steel or aluminum. Use standard acrylic repair adhesives and get all the unique performance benefits of the original and patented SoundHorse Series I shoes – secure & reliable hoof attachment with a fabric-cuff and a shock-absorbing urethane rim pad.

*Item may require special order*

Morrison Roller

The Roller Motion Shoe is versatile and beneficial in the treatment of some chronic forms of laminitis, heel pain, certain forms of navicular disease, rebalancing the adult club foot and improving sole depth. It is used successfully to rehabilitate many different conditions of the foot and manage various diseases of the foot in performance, pasture, and breeding horses.

Available sizes 5-10